UFAF Presents

2015 Chun Kuk Do International Training Conference and World Championships


July 23 - 26, 2015                     South Point Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, NV


2015 CKD World Championships

Rules and Information

Most divisions will be determined based on the number of competitors entering each age bracket and rank bracket. For example, if three competitors enter the 10-year-old green belt division and three competitors enter the 11-year-old green belt division, they may be combined into one division. If eight competitors enter the 10-year-old green belt division and eight competitors enter the 11-year-old green belt division, they may be kept as two separate divisions. Further separation or combining may be made based on age, rank, gender, and (for adults only) weight. Males will not fight females.

TOURNAMENT FIGHTING RULES (also applies to Team Fighting)

Safety Equipment: mouthpiece, groin cup (males), hand, foot, shin guards, and headgear are required. Foam dipped type gloves, or other industry standard sparring gloves. No bag gloves. Cups cannot be worn outside the uniform. Ringstar boots or shoes are NOT permitted for sparring competition.


2. All fights will be 2 minutes, or a 5-point spread, whichever comes first. The person with the most points at the end of 2 minutes wins. If a 5-point spread occurs any time during the 2 minutes, the fight ends. If there is a tie score at the end of 2 minutes, the match will be determined by “sudden victory” – first competitor to score will win the match.

3. Black belts may use light contact to score to the head; and light or moderate contact to score to body scoring areas. Under black belts may use light or no contact to headgear scoring areas, including the face, and light contact to body scoring areas.

4. It takes a majority vote of all judges to earn a point. Any judge may yell “POINT” when he/she sees a point, but ONLY the center judge may call “STOP” or “BREAK” to stop the fight. The center judge then calls for a score, and all judges must simultaneously call the point (or indicate that they didn’t see the point).

5. The front foot may be checked/swept, boot-to-boot. The attacker may use either the front or rear foot to attack an opponent’s front foot.

6. After a takedown, there are 3 seconds during which a point can occur. The person on the ground can either be scored upon, or score, during this 3 second period.

7. When a competitor has a foot outside the boundary line, he/she may NOT score, but he/she may be scored upon.

Forced out vs. Running out - A player is not penalized for fighting out or being forced out of the ring, but shall be penalized one (1) point for running out to avoid fighting.

8. Legal targets are the head, front and side of the torso, and the groin (male and female). Illegal targets are the throat/neck, the back, and the legs. Head kicks are worth two points. No head kicks to a downed opponent. The majority of the judges need to call two points (they will hold up two fingers in the direction of the competitor that scored). The competitor can still receive one point, with majority rule, even if some of the judges say two.

9. The following will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate disqualification:

- Malicious, intentional attacks

- Repeated illegal contact

- Disrespectful conduct

10. Penalties

Excessive contact, illegal contact, illegal techniques, contact to non-scoring areas, hitting after a call to stop, out of bounds, and unsportsmanlike conduct are subject to penalty points or disqualification by the center judge or with a majority vote by the judges. Penalty points may be given on the first infraction.

11. Point and Penalty

When one player earns a point, and at the same call the opponent incurs a penalty, the first player is issued two points. A point and a penalty cannot be given to the same player, at the same time.

12. Weight Divisions

Adult Black Belt Male (18-34)

Feather up to 138; Light 152; Middle 174; Lt Heavy 202; Heavy 224; Super Heavy 225+

All other adult males TBA

Female Divisions TBA

All adult BB and all grapplers must weigh in at the time of check-in. When they pick up their package (T-shirt, banquet ticket, etc) they must weigh in then.

13. Grand Championship

During the Grand Champion fights only, the competitor may have a ring-side coach. The competitor is also allowed one ten-second time out per fight.

A bye will be issued when needed. Closest weight divisions will fight each other, and the bye(s) will then fight the next closest weight.


All teams must register and pay at the registration desk by 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 26th. The cost is $10.00 per player.  Black Belt Male teams will consist of four players. Black Belt Female teams will consist of three players. Red Belt Male teams will consist of three players. Every team member must be a registered participant for the ITCThe fighting rules apply except all fights will be two minutes long. The winning team will be determined by adding the total number of points at the end of each team match.

If there is a tie at the end of the last match, there will be an additional two minute match. Teams can select new players from their team for the tie-breaker match. At the end of that match, if there is still a tie, next point wins.


1. Judging

The first three competitors perform their katas and are called up individually for scoring after the third competitor performs.

2. Scoring

Under belts are to be scored between 6.0 and 8.0, with 7.0 considered average. (Example 7.5) Black belts are to be scored between 8.0 and 10.0, with 9.0 considered average. (Example 9.5) Tenths must be used as this will help avoid tie scores. For example, Judge A in a division of 6 black belts with similar skills might score them as follows: 8.7, 9.1, 8.9, 9.1, 9.3, and 9.5. If there are five judges, the high and low scores will be dropped and the remaining scores added together. The highest total wins. If there are only three judges all of the scores will be added together. Ties will be broken by a show of hands. (Pointing) The scorekeeper must inform each judge as to which player they gave the higher score to when they initially scored them and that judge must point to that same player. If a judge gave both players the same score then they must point to both players. For ties between 3 or more, a second (or more) show of hands may be required for a process of elimination. If in the end any players are still tied then they must run their forms again

3. Kata Divisions

Weapons: All ranks may enter weapon kata, and may perform a traditional or an innovative weapon form. Note: A dropped weapon is not automatic disqualification, but may result in a lower grade based on the difficulty level of the technique.

Empty-Hand: Black belts may do either a traditional or an open form, but not both.

Open: ANYTHING other than listed below. 

Traditional forms for White, Gold, Purple and Orange Belts:
Giecho Hyung Il Bu, Giecho Hyung Il Bu Sang Gup, Giecho Hyung Yi Bu, Giecho Hyung Yi Bu Sang Gup, Giecho Hyung Sahm Bu, Pyong An Cho Dan 

Traditional forms for Blue and Green Belts:
Above list plus:  Pyong An Yi Dan, Pyong An Sahm Dan, Pyong An Sa Dan, Pyong An Oh Dan,

Traditional forms for Red Belts:
Above lists plus:  Bassai, UFAF I.

Traditional forms for Black Belts:
Above lists plus:  UFAF II, Kong Sang Koon, Jion.

** Attention: if a competitor does an “old “version of a traditional kata, s/he will be penalized 1 point on each judge’s score. The judge will deduct, not the scorekeeper.

4. Grand Championships

There will be five judges. The high and low scores will be dropped and the remaining scores added together. The highest total wins.  In the event of a tie, the competitors will perform again. They may do the same form or another. If they still tie, the judges will point to the one they think should have the higher score.



All teams should portray the martial arts in a positive way, and in a manner respectful to Mr. Norris.

1. A demo team must consist of a minimum of four UFAF members; no maximum. Members may be any age, white belt or above, and may represent individual schools, multiple schools, regions, countries, or any other member group within UFAF. Every team member must be a registered participant for the ITC. Register your team at the registration desk by noon on Friday, July 24th.  The cost is $50.00 per team.

2. Demo teams may wear any combination of the following:

a. Traditional unmodified CKD uniform appropriate to individual rank

b. School demo team uniform

c. Team CKD Competition Uniform

“Costuming” beyond the aforementioned list of acceptable uniforms may not be employed.

3. Music (including sound system, operator, cords etc), weapons, and props are optional, and must be completely supplied by the team. Note that a team may be disqualified for offensive music or unreasonable volume level. Bizarre or outlandish “props” are not permitted. Props should highlight and enhance the technical and artistic elements of the martial arts being displayed. ALL props must be pre-approved by Chip Wright or Chuck Elias.

4. Demos shall be limited to seven (7) minutes, or less from the time your team’s name is announced, through clean-up. Time overage will result in scoring penalties of one point per second, beginning at seven minutes and one second.

5. Area available will be 40x40.

6. Regional chairs will act as judges. The demo will be scored in four areas, using a 1 - 10 point system, with 10 being the highest. The total of the four equally weighted scores will be used to determine the placing. High and low totals will be thrown out; in the event of a tie they will be added back in.

Areas of scoring:

a. difficulty/execution

b. choreography/synchronization

c. creativity

d. overall performance



UFAF members competing in the jiu-jitsu (grappling) divisions of the tournament must wear a white or blue jiu-jitsu uniform. Also, competitors are to wear the belt that represents rank/skill level in jiu-jitsu, NOT Chun Kuk Do.

The grappling competition will be conducted under the General Competition Guidelines of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation referenced below.